How I got a Gaming Laptop Under 500

under 500Last weekend I had a family trip to the mall. While my mom and sister were trying shoes, I went to Best Buy with my older brother and just found this fantastic laptop. It is an Acer Aspire ES1-731G. I got it for 474.99, taxes included. I had just been lucky enough to find a gaming laptop under 500.

I am a Japanese-game lover. I got a try on this laptop with the Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (the spin-off of Konami’s Metal Gear Solid) and the Goichi Suda (from Suda51). Both have amazing graphics and loads of fast sequence scenes. They all ran smoothly. Let me explain why this was a smart buy.


NVidia GeForce 820M 2GB GDDR3

This NVidia card is one of the most amazing graphic cards for gaming. The 2 GBs on the graphic card are the reason I got fast scenes running smoothly. A vast improvement from my previous laptop, that didn’t even have a separate video card. I can feel the difference.


Intel Celeron N2940 1.83 GHz

This Intel chip is a cheap CPU. It is not a fast one, but it is enough for my gaming needs. I prefer Intel over AMD, despite not being an i7. Despite velocity is the low limit, it still performs very well.


1600×900 pixels

Again, this was a reasonable pick for a screen. Most might think I would not explode my NVidia with this poor display, but when I do gaming in my room, I hook it to my 55 inches Full HD screen. Indeed I’d prefer a desktop in my room and might have got more juice for the same price, but portability is important to me. I also use this laptop for school.



The correct RAM to play. It also exceeds expectations for any other application I use.


500 GB HDD

I don’t like this much since it is a small capacity. Most of the information I use is stored in the cloud, so I’ll only need the internal storage for the installation of applications. I am aware of the importance of periodically cleaning and maintenance on my laptop, and the reward will be to maintain its performance.

I must say, my brother was reluctant to let me buy this computer. He argued it had an outdated CPU and a poor hard drive. He loves to store music and videos, and I know he would fill up 500 GB within a month.

I prefer serious gaming. I can spend a day up to 10 hours in a row locked in my room playing. This big laptop (17”) has for sure loads of dissipation capacity, and I am confident it will keep my pace the following two years. When I graduate from high school, my dad will get me a new laptop. I am certain his budget will not be as tight as mine, and I can ask for a 1200 or 1500 USD laptop. This price range is the average budget to get a gaming laptop.

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