About Me

25 yrs oldHi, a very warm welcome to my site smarkschoice.com. My name is Tracy and I’m an Aussie residing in Perth. I’m 25 and hold a BA in English and pursue a career in copywriting. When I’m not reading books or working on my new article, I am on my Playstation. FIFA 2016 is my favorite game and I also enjoy GTA Vice City and other action adventure games. Besides gaming, I also enjoy swimming, painting, sightseeing, photography and cooking as well.

Through Smarkschoice.com, I will help fellow gamers make smart decisions while selecting gaming accessories. I’ve myself been a victim of wrong selection and I don’t want others to feel the same way. If you don’t get your gaming gadgets right, you won’t be able to enjoy the games to its fullest. Do contact me if you’ve any queries at tracy@smarkschoice.com.



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