5 Must Have Features In a Gaming Laptop

featuresEvery day there are more and more gamers in the world. Going together with that statistic, the computer games become more and more abundant with HQ graphics, complex algorithms of the game, etc., and most of the classic laptop can’t satisfy the requirements of modern-day games. You can’t play video games that have quality graphics on a classic business laptop; the only solution is to buy a gaming laptop so you can enjoy your game completely. In this article, you will be provided with the features every gaming laptop has to have.

The five must have features of a gaming laptop are:

  1. Good CPU

Your gaming laptop needs to have a good CPU chip in order you can play games such as Watchdogs, Battlefield games, The Sims 4. The recommended chip that gaming laptop should have is the chip made by Intel, called the i7 chip. The i7 chip is at the moment the best CPU chip in the world and every gaming laptop should have it.

  1. Quality GPU (Graphics Processing Unit)

Many gamers and IT professionals agree upon the fact that the GPU is the most important feature of a good gaming laptop. Especially, good GPU’s are must have features of a gaming laptop. At least make sure when buying a gaming laptop that it has a  Geforce GTX 850M GPU or a GPU that was released after this GPU.

  1. The Best Screen Resolution

You can’t play demanding video games on a laptop that has low-quality resolution. In order to enjoy all of the rich graphics of a video game, you have to buy a gaming laptop that has good resolution. The recommended resolution for a gaming laptop is 1080p.

  1. Big RAM – Random Access Memory

Most of the newly issued games are gigantic in their size. They have many files, pictures, graphics, algorithms attached with them. For your laptop to store this enormous amounts of information, you have to buy a gaming laptop that has a minimum RAM memory of 8GB. If the 8GB gaming laptops are way too expensive for you, then you can buy an alternative 6GB gaming laptop, but with the laptop of that memory, you can have less high-quality games on it.

  1. VRAM and Battery Life

When it comes to battery life, every gaming laptop needs to have a good battery life. Since many of the newly issued video games are demanding, they tend to drain the laptop battery to the maximum. In order for you not to charge your laptop every half an hour, you should buy a laptop that has a bigger battery capacity. Bigger laptop battery capacity means bigger laptop battery lifespan. Also, when it comes to VRAM, it always comes along with the GPU. You should choose a VRAM that has more than 2GB of memory. But, if you are buying a gaming laptop on a budget, even a VRAM of 2GB can satisfy your gaming needs, but it means fewer video games available.






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